5 Tips For Creating A Successful Social Media Campaign In 2021

Need to boost your marketing efforts? Perhaps a social media campaign is what you need to increase your brand awareness and social media presence. But first, you need to ask yourself “what’s the use of a social media campaign?”. At BeLuxe Creative, we are here to give you the ultimate guide to creating a successful social media campaign in 2021.

What are the benefits of a social media campaign?

Social media campaigns allow businesses to target their audience, stay up to date with the latest trends, boost sales, increase website traffic, CTA (Call-to-action) and more. Social media is a great platform that is constantly growing, offers new and creative ways to shop, share and promote thus, making it a great place to build your campaign and influence your target market.

When planning a social media campaign, there should always be a clear objective to reach your goal. According to Statista.com In 2021, over 3.8 billion people use social media worldwide, a number projected to increase to approximately 4.41 billion in 2025. So if you’re thinking of creating a social media campaign in 2021 now is the time!

Tip 1: Use emerging social media platforms and tools to improve your content 

Social media platforms are constantly updated, so you should keep an eye out for changes and new tools to stay creative! Short-form videos are becoming popular and are a great way to gain exposure. Taking part in the latest trends can land your brand at the top of the explore page.

TikTok is a perfect example of a platform that has gained rapid user engagement. Try using short-form videos; they’re quick but impactful. For example, a fashion lookbook video is a great way to showcase your collection in real-life scenarios. The more you use it, the more skills you’ll learn to make your content more exciting. 

Instagram reels are another social tool where people can create fun 15-30 second videos with audio, text, special effects, stickers and more. You can promote your products using these new features to bring your content to life!

A person curling a client's hair. Rihanna applying eye cream. A woman posing with doll-inspired make up on.
Reels from: GHD Hair, Fenty Skin and M.A.C.

Tip 2: Connect and create with your audience

As COVID-19 hit and there has been stress on businesses to adapt to changes in the current social and economic climate. One way to combat this is to stay connected with your audience. 

Ease your follower’s lockdown blues by developing interactive strategies to engage and include them. This is a great way to start a conversation with your audience and make them feel a part of a community. 

Hashtags enable businesses to create a shared discussion with people with similar interests. As well as increase visibility for a campaign. Alexander McQueen created a social media campaign using the hashtag #McQueenCreators and offered free drawing and patchwork sessions to their followers. People were able to take part in the challenge and share their skills and designs.

A painting of 3 people on the left. A photo of man standing in a white suit on the right.
#McQueenCreators: Illustration by Howard Tangye.

Tip 3: Promote your content with ads

Recently, social advertisements have become popular as they can be specific and measured. If you’re a fashion business looking to delegate your budget, we suggest that you promote your brand on relevant platforms where you see the most engagement. You can promote your brand using social media tools such as Facebook Business and Instagram’s promotion tool. 

Tip 4: Collaborate with other brands, influencers and celebrities

Collaborating with other brands can increase your brand reach in new and different markets. As well as connect with potential customers. Extend your reach and work with brands who align with your values. Whether it’s coming up with innovative products or exciting concepts, gaining long-term business relationships is a great way to build strong alliances. 

In addition to this, influencer marketing is gaining popularity. Therefore more consumers are turning to their opinion. So, try collaborating with popular influencers. You can host giveaways as an incentive, gain loyalty and exposure. It’s also a great way to stay relevant, competitive, build exposure and credibility.

Calvin Klein x pgLang collaborated and created a campaign in the form of a short video series this year. They partnered with motivational speaker Amber Wagner, famous for her inspiring TikTok videos and unique hand gestures. Alongside trending roller skater Danielle Hawkins. The clip is titled “Imma slide” which celebrates women of colour. PrettyLittleThing also recently collaborated with singer and actor Teyana Taylor with a bold 90s inspired collection.

Consider these things: 

  1. How the brand or influencer aligns with your brand and campaign?
  2. What theme do you want to convey with your campaign? 
  3. How will your customers resonate with the collaboration and campaign?

Tip 5: Monitor your performance 

Finally, once you have completed all of these steps, the most important thing is to monitor your performance. Measuring your businesses productivity allows you to see what segments of your campaign are working and what needs improvements. As well as help improve efficiency. 

Monitoring your performance can ensure you’re meeting your goals, assess whether your campaign is successful or unsuccessful and help with future campaigns. 


In conclusion, as social media becomes increasingly popular and more users sign up to these platforms, utilising said platforms could benefit your brand in the future. However, it’s important to focus on who your target market is and the best way to communicate with them. As well as what platforms work best for your brand and the goal you want to achieve. Don’t feel overwhelmed by new social platforms, follow these top tips and you will be on your way to creating a successful social media campaign.

If you’re launching a product alongside your social media campaign, take a look at our recent blog post discussing the best hacks for your product launch.

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