Connecting Brands and Influencers.

Host fabulous social influencer event marketing and gain popularity for your brand.


Why do Brands and Influencers love to work with us?

More content, become well-known, Boost your SEO

Digital Marketing Agency, McLean - Beluxe Creative
When your site ranks high on search engines (Google, Bing…), it signals to prospective customers that you are the best. This will lead to more targeted visitors that convert into sales.
Your competitors are most likely investing in SEO. With our competitor analysis and creative SEO method, you can stay ahead of your competitors in no time and win the race.
Over 46% of Google searchers are looking for local information. Easily target and focus on your neighborhoods, cities, or states to attract these searchers and then convert them into brand advocates.
Kill two birds with one stone – Create PR campaigns that drive SEO strategy and earn links from reputable websites. Your brand gets recognition, your website earns organic traffic.

Are you an influencer?

If you’re an influencer or digital creator aspiring to work with amazing brands, attend luxury events, and get paid to do what you love, then submit your application today. Get ready to influence! we can’t wait to meet you.

How do we work to create a successful event

Our step-by-step process


The planning, briefs, sourcing, and coordinating

Step 1: Coordinate with your team, to work with our partners (wellness center, high-end restaurants, beauty salon, and spa or work directly with your venue).

Step 2: Team up with our relevant influencers, media outlet, and journalists.

Step 3: Share a brief with participating brands (including influencers’ details)

Step 4: Depending on your packages, we will prepare your content marketing to create awareness (pre-launch, during, and post-launch.). Influencers and BeLuxe will boost the event on the social, website, and on external sites.

Digital Marketing Agency, McLean - Beluxe Creative


Digital Marketing Agency, McLean - Beluxe Creative



What happens on the day?

Step 1: We will decorate the venue appropriately

Step 2: Let the meet and greet begin. Expect to meet the influencers, team of photographers, videographers, other attendees, and brand representatives.

Step 3: Depending on your package, you will go live with the influencers, to share more about your brand. Influencers will be busy with content creation, get ready to see your followers grow.

Step 4: Our team will prepare your content ready to post on your socials. All photos and videos will be made available for you.

Post launch

Wait, there’s more!

Let’s leverage your online presence.

After the event, your audience and especially your socials are on fire. So we have prepared a post-event journey mapping to create a connection with your followers and your new contact list to guide them through purchasing, referrals, and advocacy.

Depending on your package, we will create a landing page during the pre-launch period so we can run giveaways, newsletter submissions, link building, and potential press releases.

Finally, prepare to run your next event with us.

Digital Marketing Agency, McLean - Beluxe Creative


Are you a small business?

If you want to boost your business by working with us to host an event with you, get in touch with us today. We work with e-Commerce brands, restaurants, wellness, beauty, spa, and more. All brands are encouraged to apply to conduct a discovery call with our team of experts.

Our event packages


Participate in the event Must bring discount vouchers or giveaways Set up your booth



Everything on Free plus Influencer’s contact, photos from the event. Go live with an influencer & Post-launch newsletter blast.



Everything on Trust plus Pre, during, and post-launch marketing support (Giveaways, Newsletters, lots of exposure, Press release, and more)

We want to work with you

We want to be your “one-stop-shop” marketing partner to provide digital marketing solutions.
Imagine having a dedicated full extended creative and analytics team working together to achieve
your marketing goals. The best part is that it will only cost a fraction of hiring a full team.

If you’re a proud salon or barbershop owner, we can help you get ahead of your competitors. We have worked with 100s of salons and we know how to position you to
achieve your business goals. For a small salon or barbershop, we usually recommend Google my business optimization, social media marketing, paid ads, SEO marketing, and influencer marketing.

You could be a clinic or spa providing cryotherapy, Botox or fillers, teeth whitening, Laser, Skincare, microblading, body massage, body contouring, and more. We have created a successful formula including automation processes to drive in new leads for your business.
Similar to salon marketing, we will include automation processes, sales funnels, and Digital PR in the package of your choice.

This is for dental practices, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and physical therapists. If some of your biggest challenges in business are winning new clients, having repeat clients, and turning your current clients into your brand advocate, then book your consultation today. We have mastered a formula that is scalable for your business.

Not only we help to bring solutions for your long-term business gains, but we will also help to transform your website and turn that into a money-making machine! Talk to us today.

Do you run a Pilates, Barre, fitness studio? Do you offer Personal Training as well? We work with some of the amazing brands in the market that have mastered our marketing solutions to win new clients, retain current clients, build exciting campaigns, and turn current clients
into your promoters.

Raise that barre and work with our wellness marketing partners.

Are you a start-up or in the pre-seed stage or you have been running your e-Commerce/ SaaS business for a few years? Our online growth marketing partners can help to manage your Digital Marketing solutions, help you go to market, or take your marketing to the next level. We have metrics to showcase and have helped online business owners to scale their business to 7-figures.

Each business is different, so hit the consultation button and submit your inquiry, and let’s get started.

We work with various small businesses. For Example, recruitment agencies, tutoring agencies, federal government businesses, government bodies, contracting businesses, and more.

If your business isn’t listed here, reach out to us by submitting your free consultation. After analyzing your business, we will schedule a call with you, and during that time, we can share an action plan. Otherwise, we will share our marketing insight and point you in the right direction.