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Organic traffic

+ 460%

Online leads

Barber Shop

“We started working with BeLuxe on our social efforts, since then, our social looks aesthetically pleasing and we also had numerous new clients. Early this year, we started working on our Google exposure. BeLuxe’s SEO specialist has increased our website traffic and as a result, we have been getting new leads! This boutique agency is what a barbershop needs and their pricing model fit our business. Very happy with the team!”



Online leads



Spa & Salon

“BeLuxe approached us sharing how they will help to increase traffic, convert new leads, and ensure our social media looks on brand! Our followers have increased exponentially, we are always booked out, and our campaigns are extremely innovative. The team launched an influencer’s event and it was a success! BeLuxe’s plan is bespoke and very creative! We are in conversation to help with our 2 other businesses!”



New leads


Website Visitor

Boutique fitness studio

“I met BeLuxe – Abigail through a contact. We started off with social media, SEO for website traffic, Google exposure, and influencer marketing. Boutique fitness studios have been struggling since the pandemic but we pushed through. BeLuxe was over and above with us and really helped us to retain current clients, convert new clients, and increase our business revenue. We are impressed!”



New leads



Dental Practice

“We never really been happy with our digital marketing partner so we reached out to BeLuxe – Abigail to help us stand out in this competitive market! Wow, we have to say that we really love their creativity, their approach to making dentistry more appealing. That was our challenge, and this boutique agency has it all.
They are always full of ideas, transparent, always keeping us up-to-date with what’s happening in our industry! We have seen a huge spike in the activities, and we are now working on Phase 2 of our marketing maturity model.”



Monthly leads


Website Traffic

Recruitment Agency & Corporate

“We never really focused on marketing due to the nature of our business. This year, we decided to venture into staffing and we discovered BeLuxe through our commercial partners. We are impressed with their innovative ideas for our staffing business, especially on our recent – Now, everyone has a chance campaign. As we are venturing into commercial accounts for our existing government business, we brought BeLuxe in to manage the marketing for our main business. We love how this young team brings in creative ideas for our business!”



Inbound links


EST views

e-Commerce / SaaS

“We are a startup in ITSM SaaS. We heard about BeLuxe online and approached this team to work with us to build winning campaigns, launch plans, social media, website design, and full 360 degrees marketing. They are basically our extended in-house marketing team. We love how involved they are with our work, creating beautiful designs, connecting us with potential leads, and extremely pleased with their creative innovative ideas.
We are now working on a campaign that is different from the rest. This is a game-changer!”


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